Of course, the ocean is far away and from here, the water never really reaches the open sea. The Luy and Adour Rivers take pleasure in cutting innumerable meanders through the heart of the floodplains, while wash-houses and fountains remind us that we are in swamp country.


With Dax and Saint-Paul-lès-Dax, Téthieu is one of the three municipalities of the Greater Urban Area of Dax endowed with arenas, built in 1887, at the beginning of the formalisation of the Landes bullfight and shortly after the introduction of Spanish bullfighting in France …



This town is the birthplace of one of our most famous native sons, who in the nineteenth century was given the name of: Saint Vincent de Paul. In the District of Berceau, in the modest house in Ranquines where he was born in 1581, there remains the wooden frame, some memories and especially the message of the one who was the Great Saint of the Great Century.


With the River Adour crossing through it, Yzosse has always experienced violent floods. One of the worst was that of 1952, during which no home was spared. While floods are devastating, they also can be beneficial in fertilising the soil and allowing the development of agriculture. In addition, the Adour floodplains have a unique flora and fauna.


As the Western gate of Chalosse, this town extends between buttresses and the banks of the River Luy. The picturesque church dedicated to Saint Stephen dates from the 11th century. There are also some remains from the Romanesque period, the semicircular apse pierced by three small off-centred windows The cyclist André Darrigade was a native of Narrosse (French Champion in 1955, World Champion in 1959 and numerous victories in the Tour de France).


This town is crossed by the River Luy from France. A tributary of the River Adour, 154 km long, it takes its source in neighbouring Béarn. Its Saugnac banks offer beautiful excursions.


The town extends on a gentle slope leading from the pine forest in the North, to the oak grove bordering the River Luy in the South. Owing to its natural spaces, Seyresse combines the advantages of the countryside and the immediate proximity of the town of Dax.


As its name suggests, this village is located on the River Luy (pronounced « loi »). This tributary of the River Adour is also the main river of the town that travellers once crossed by means of a ford and with the help of a boatman…


This village is built in the middle of the land, oak forests and heaths covered with broom and heather, between the Rivers Adour and Luy, which delimit its borders and meet at a place called « Bouque de Lu ».
As its name suggests, this village has been known since ancient times for its sulphurous thermal waters that are conducive to the treatment of dermatological and ENT diseases.
The wall of Caesar or the Bedat wall entertains visitors with its unusual and spectacular character: this natural fortress, 15 meters high at the tip and 30 meters high at the « owl’s head ».

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