Off the beaten paths. No need to take your car to find yourself in the middle of nature. Cross a bridge, walk through a park and let yoursefl be carried away by the wind…

1. Adour boardwalk 

Enjoy the view of the Adour. This 335-km long river takes its source in the Pyrenees, at the foot of the Tourmalet and finishes its course into the Atlantic Ocean in Anglet “La Barre”.

2. Garden « la Potinière »

Fountain staircase, evoking the « City of Water », is bordered by wetland plants (Japanese primroses, iris, sedges). In contrast, plants called dry land (Phlomis fructicosa, agave , bamboo, pomegranate) decorate the rest of the garden.

3.  The gazebo 

Old fountain with natural water source built in 1891.

4. Baignots

This promenade, lined with sweetgum and chestnut trees, leads to the old Baignots hotel renovated in 2013: it was built between 1888 and 1902. In the 20s, the spa was deemed as one of the most modern and luxurious in France. Have a look on the beautiful glass overlooking the former entrance of the hotel. At the rear, the Baignots Park houses a 150-years cork oak, the aisles are lined with Chinese palms (tree of fortune). There is also a 80 years weeping willow and cedars.

5. Boulogne wood

Along the dike overlooking the Adour, you enter this undergrowth surrounded with common oaks. The wood functions as an overflow system during large floods. 1km ahead, the Executed Stele commemorates four young Dax resisters shot by the Germans in 1944. The pond: Shaded fishing plan surrounded with oaks, a physical activity course and a golf practice court.

6. House of Barthe

This old farmhouse presents a permanent exhibition on the Barthes (hunting, fishing, agriculture …) and its protected species. The « Barthes » are water meadows along the river. They play an important role in water regulation during the high floods, aiming the Adour to spread.

7. Carnot boulevard

Bordered by beautiful sweetgums, discover on both sides beautiful villas among which a Basque Country and Landes influenced villa from architect Albert Pomade: recognizable by its symmetrical two-sided roof, halftimbered houses and same colours wooden shutters.


8. The Sarrat park

Botanical garden in the French style classified on the Supplementary Historic Monument since 1989. 700 trees of 27 species.

9. Estey pond

This pond is classified Natura 2000. In the heart of a 32-acre natural zone, it is rich of aquatic ecosystems and remarkable species. An area is dedicated to fishermen. Panoramic view on the city.

10. Christus lake

Christus lake is the most famous place in town. From its banks, start all the wooded cycling and walking paths to the nearby pine forest. Alone, in twos or in family, enjoy this peaceful and restful lake where you can find the biggest spa center of the region: Sourceo, but also the Casino, a bowling alley, restaurants, a big playground for children, pic nic tables, typical cows games, swimming pool, tennis courts…

11. Napoleon bridge 

This bridge used to bind Bordeaux to Hendaye and the Emperor may have crossed it in 1814 while traveling to Bayonne.

12. Poustagnacq old mill factory

Before the Revolution, there used to be a flour-mill, but during the Restauration, it was bought by owner of the Abbesse property, nearby. In 1858 a local farmer , became the owner of Poustagnacq but his son had a six-meter wide canal built in order to fix the banks of the Herrere stream. The mill system was modernized in 1947, adding a 4th floor. A turbine on the stream provided the energy – there are some remains to be seen. The firm had to close down in 1978. A famous restaurant opened in the outbuilding, but the main site is still disused.

13. « Chemin d’Abesse”

Its straightness is due to history since it used to be a wooden railway transporting the iron from the extraction place to the Dax railway station. The Abesse property is set in a wooded area, strewn with lakes and rivulets. The pond surrounded by the native fauna and flora is typical of the Landes landscape; the peacefulness along its shadowed banks is a real pleasure for a break.

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