Dax, health town

Dax, spa therapy is in its nature

Dax and Saint-Paul-Lès-Dax are the top health resort destinations in France.
Every year 60,000 spa therapy patients come to experience the benefits of the local thermal spas and mud (the famous peloid).
This one of a kind spa destination is home to 15 thermal spas and a thermal hospital all providing the same treatments with similar products.

Dax’s spa resort specialises in rheumatology and phlebology and has been providing an effective solution for fibromyalgia sufferers for years. 

The town’s spa therapy trade was first mentioned in Roman times. The Romans discovered the benefits of the local water and the Adour’s silt after invading Aquae Tarbellicae. Dax’s thermal spas were born.
It took several centuries for the spa therapy trade to blossom. The railway boom in the 19th century brought great numbers of patients to take the waters in the Landes’ southern capital.


fontaine dax

Past and present

Thermal baths took on another dimension in 20th century Dax when new modern establishments were built. Medical thermal spas with thermal treatments began being refunded in the 50s. Dax thus became the must-visit destination for hydrotherapy patients all over France. Sixty years later and nothing’s change; Dax is still France’s number one spa therapy destination. 

Many relics bear witness to the town’s spa therapy past: La Fontaine Chaude, Le Trou des Pauvres and La Statue du Légionnaire embody Dax’s age-old spa history. On the other side of the coin Dax’s recently built Les Thermes Hotel designed by Jean Nouvel, the many foundations and the Régie des Eaux et des Boues (water and mud management company) have brought thermal spas into the 21st century.