Dax, gourmet town

Gastronomy in Dax is both a tradition and key part of local culture. Good food means good times…

foie gras

Dax, a Gascony town proud of its food

Dax market highlights the quality of its local produce every Saturday morning. Adour kiwi fruit, asparagus, fruit and vegetables make for delicious dishes.

You’d be hard pushed not to find foie gras in the South West. Whether seared or fresh, it’s a stalwart in Dax’s local culinary heritage. 

Quintessential local sweets include Madeleines and Tourtières (pies) for the perfect end to your meal.

Some of the town’s caterers make a point of rustling up traditional food in local dishes

Experience the town’s love for local food at the Artisan and Gourmet Festival hosted by the Office de Tourisme et du Thermalisme and the VinoFeria Fair.